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The All-Stars




Shane Bomnskie:

Born Janurary 14, 2000 Out of Magnolia Texas. Shanes career with the YFL has included 6 first place finishes and 4 secoond place finishes. Shane capped off his 2015 season with back to back wins. Off the water Shane enjoys scouting, camping, atv riding, hunting. Shane is also fishing the MWAC, SAF and TBF when he is not fishing with the YFL.



Jackson Carrell

August 20, 1998 Out of Anderson, Texas. Jackson career with the YFL he has 4 First Place finishes and 9 Second Place finishes and 1 Big Bass Award. Off the water Jackson enjoys Hunting, truck restoration, and ag mechanics.

Jacksons other ranking with other tournaments that he fishes.

  • 6 First Place in Bryan JR Bassmasters
  • 6 Top 3 finishes in JR Bassmasters
  • 2nd Place in 2010 in Texas Bass Federation
  • 1st Place at State Championship TBF & 2nd place two times
  • Top 30 SETX State Championship
  • 3rd Place Sam Rayburn BASS state championship



Mason McQuerry:

Born December 19, 1998. Masons career with the YFL is just getting started. 1 YFL First place finishes and a 2nd place finish during the 2015 YFL season. He enjoys fishing and hunting.

Mason currently fishes the:

  •  FOM
  •  SAF
  • TBF
  • HHFC.



Cody Shry

Born Janurary 9, 2000 Out of Magnolia, Texas. This is Cody's first year fishing the YFL. Big Bass Winner Rayburn 2015. Off the water Cody enjoys Hunting, Football and 4x4.  He also fishes the:

  •  FOM
  •  SAF
  • TBF
  • HHFC.



















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