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 We have had a few questions in regards to having to have a boat.The answer is YES you need to have a boat for the tournament.   All fishing needs to be done from a boat.

  • Can you fish with a partner or from a friends boat YES.  5 fish per angler, The YFL is an individual tournament circuit.
  • Can 2 youth anglers fish from the same boat? YES. We currently do not have any extra boats at the tournaments.
  • If you have a friend that already fishes with us and they offer to take you and your angler out that is fine.  We ask that you please advise the tournament director or a member of the board prior to the tournament.
  • Can I fish while my son or daughter is in the tournament? Answer yes you can but the adult may not add to the YFL Anglers creel. See Rules #7 2018 this is a rule change PARENTS CAN NO LONGER FISH PERIOD.
  • Can I cast for my son or daughter? Answer- YES casting is permitted as assistance in the little league division only.   See Rules #5
  • What are the prizes?  Plaques and trophies being 1st and 2nd in each division with 1 over all big bass.  Then note that the angler of the year in each division will be rewarded with a savings bond along with a special plaque and monetary prizes will be awarded in each division at the championship
  • How long do the tournaments last.  Answer - regular season each event take off is safe light weigh in is at 1 pm.  The Fther & Son  and The Championship is a 2 day event that starts at safe light and ends at 3 on day one and ends at 1 pm on day two
  • How   points are scored?   Points will be based on a pure points format beginning with 100 points for first place and descending down by one 1) point per place in each division. In each event "First Place" will receive 100 points, e.g., 1st Place = 100 points, 2nd Place = 99. This procedure will be followed for all contestants weighing fish. All remaining contestants that did not weigh fish will receive twenty (20) points less than the last person weighing a fish.
  • How does a board tournament work?   Answer- each angler is given a board to mark the length of their catch on at lakes where keeping fish is not permitted.  At weigh in the 5 longest marks on the anglers board will be added up by a calculated weight per fish based on the length of the fish.  For the current year 2015 we will have 2 straight board tournaments (Fayette & Houston County) and a half board tournament for Lake Conroe (any fish 14-16 inches is a board mark everything over 16 inches is a bring in and weight in fish)































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