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Championship Points:  

Championship Points: Championship Points will be based on a pure point format beginning with 100 points for first place and descending down by one 1) point per place. In each event "First Place" will receive 100 points, e.g., 1st Place = 100 points, 2nd Place = 99. This procedure will be followed for all contestants weighing fish. All remaining contestants that did not weigh fish will receive twenty (20) points less than the last person weighing a fish.  If an angler pays for an event but does not fish the event, that angler will get forty (40) points less than the last person weighing a fish.

Championship Qualification: To qualify for The Championship, an angler must fish a minimum of four (4) events and finish in the Top Six (6) of their Division. The Championship will be held on a lake TBD with the Top Six (6) qualifiers in each Division and participants who paid for all six (6) events and fished in at least four (4).































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